“I have been using Maxicrop Soluble Seaweed Powder for two years now.

It is economical and just as effective, if not more, than kelp meal or other seaweed solutions. My lawn, plants and flowers are so lush, vibrant and healthy that we receive a lot of compliments in the neighborhood.”

Marissa S.
Raleigh, NC

“Being responsible for the rose department
at the Nursery I work at in northern New Jersey, I am always looking for organic products to keep the roses healthy and looking their best. We brought in 2400 roses to sell last year so upkeep is a big job and I need to do all I can to keep them healthy and looking great. I am also always on the look out for organic products to encourage our customers to do the same on their home landscapes.

Maxicrop was brought to my attention last year by the Senior Rosarian at David Austin Roses in the UK so I decided to try it out as a foliar spray throughout the season. My personal experience with the product was extremely positive. The roses looked fantastic! The foliage was a vibrant green throughout the season and I saw less foliar diseases than I had in all the years I had cared for them. Customers noticed as well and Maxicrop was a excellent add on to sales. Easy to promote as it can be used throughout the landscape and a little goes a long way. I’m a believer!”

Mark B.
Rohsler’s Allendale Nursery

“I take very serious feeding my soil microorganisms,
I want them working for me. One of the products I have been using for the last 3 years is Maxi Crop Powder Kelp. This is a high-octane product, a little goes a long way. Very easy to blend, its solubility is truly amazing and my avocado trees love it. I always get the 44-lb. box since it is the best deal anywhere.”

DLT Farms

“I had heard from friends
that Maxicrop Seaweed Soluble Powder would do wonders for houseplants…so I decided to try it out. The plant in this picture was just about dead, it was dropping tons of leaves, I was ready to throw it out.

After about 3 months using the Powder, I noticed new leaves forming, the tree in general became greener and about 10 month later, the picture shows a very healthy, full beautify plant. I knew that when a friend of mine asked me if it was a fake plant, I would be a MAXICROP user forever!

Last summer I added quite a bit of MAXICROP Kelp Meal to the soil in my garden. Perennials as well as annuals thrived. We decided to sell our house, and the buyer was so excited about the house, however, her trepidation was whether she could keep up with the garden! I told her my secret and I am sure that she will enjoy the result of her gardening efforts this coming summer.”

Green Thumb in Chicago!